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Wednesday, 6 July 2022

17:00Reception | Great Hall
19:00Piano recital by Ian Pace | Performance Space
Beethoven-Liszt, An die ferne Geliebte
Robert Schumann, Fantasy in C major, op. 17
Beethoven-Liszt, Symphony No. 8

Thursday, 7 July 2022



Welcome Address |Performance Space
Anna Whitelock
Dean of School of Arts and Social Sciences, City, University of London
Ângelo Martingo, Ian Pace, Christopher Wiley
Conference Committee

MusicHE: What is our role in securing the place of music in HE in future?
Michelle Phillips | Thormahlen Weibke | Aleksander Szram | Graeme Dufresne | MusicHE

History 1 | Chair: Ângelo Martingo
Thematic Session 1 |Room  AG09
Jan Ciglbauer | The de-monasticization of university colleges: Liturgical music in the life of late medieval university colleges in Central Europe
Valerio Ciarocchi | The music in the curriculum of the theological faculties: The experience of the “St. Thomas Aquinas” Theological Institute in Messina (online presentation)
Giorgio Peloso Zantaforni  | University and musical practice through libri amicorum, the case of Christoph Buel

The Discipline of Musicology | Chair: Peter Tregear
Thematic Session 2 |Performance Space
Soonim Shin | Musicology – still a delayed discipline?  
(online presentation)
Alexander Wilfing | Of pianists, painters, and the idea of style: Guido Adler’s attempt at the scientification of musicology and his reception of art-historical principles
James Olsen | The return of the ‘gentleman scholar’ in musicology?

‘The Norwegian Model’: Developing artistic research within third cycle programmes? |Chair: Henrique Portovedo
Thematic Session 3 | Room AG08
Per Dahl  | Frost Fadnes | Friederike Wildschütz

Ethics |Chair: Peter Tregear
Thematic Session 4 | Room AG09
Ian Pace | Musicology and academic freedom
Gordon Delap | Mandatory attendance in a music department: Disadvantage and fairness
Historiography/ Teaching Music History |Chair: Alexandra Monchick
Thematic Session 5 | Performance Space
Margaret E. Walker | Entangling the canon: Thoughts on teaching music history globally
Lise K. Meling | Music history curriculum at the university: New contents: New teaching methods
David Cranmer & Alejandro Reyes Lucero | The role of the university musicologist in bringing music to the general public

Popular Music |Chair: TBC
Thematic Session 6 | Room AG08
Christopher Wiley | Popular music in higher education: Three problems and a solution
Tom Parkinson & Gareth Dylan Smith | Challenger providers and a new popular mainstream in UK higher music Education
Simon Strange | Art school pedagogy as a model for higher popular music education (online presentation)

Keynote address | Jonathan Dunsby
Chair: Christopher Wiley | Room A130
The Music House: Towards a Bacon quadricentennial
19:00City Locrian Collective| Performance Space
Shirley Smart, cello/director | Georgia Mancio, vocals | Tim Quicke, trumpet | James Arben, saxophone/flute | John Crawford, piano |Misha Mullov-Abbado, bass | Adam Teixeira, drums

Friday, 8 July 2022


Regional Studies 1 | Chair: Per Dahl
Thematic Session 7 | Room AG09
Michal Ščepán | Paths of musicology in Slovakia: Transformations, representatives, and interventions
Ana Telles | Music studies and teacher training at the University of Évora: 25 years of history
Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco | The institutionalization of historical musicology and ethnomusicology at the Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal
Tom Parkinson & Olcay Muslu Gardner  | Performing ‘New Turkey’: Conservatoires’ and university music departments’ role in constructing national identity in contemporary Turkey

Practice-as-Research and Artistic Research |Chair: Ian Pace
Thematic Session 8 | Performance Space
Simon Zagorski-Thomas | I wouldn’t start from here: Research methods on vocational postgraduate music courses
Hakan Ulus | Artistic research in Germany and Austria: A new trend?
Henrique Portovedo & Ângelo Martingo | Artistic research in music: Performance, innovation and career at research universities
Luiz H. Fiaminghi  | Artistic research, ethnomusicology and historical informed performance: Breaking the walls (online presentation)

Pedagogy | Chair: Margaret E. Walker
Thematic Session 9 | Room AG08
Lukas Ligeti | Experimental intercultural collaboration in the classroom: Teaching transcultural creativity at the tertiary level (online presentation)
Tina Frühauf | Bibliography Now! Accessing Global Knowledge in Today’s University

History 2 | Chair: Melanie Wald-Fuhrmann
Thematic Session 10 | Room AG09
Morton Wan | From Oxford University to the Foundling Hospital: Charles Burney and the idea of musical institution (online presentation)
Fiona M. Donaldson | Music in the University of Edinburgh
Rosemary Golding | Universities, music, profession and society in nineteenth-century Britain
Patrick Becker-Naydenov | New perspectives on 19th-Century music degrees from the British Isles: An exploration of sources (online presentation)

Post-Truth and the Musical Humanities | Chair: Ian Pace
Thematic Session 11 | Performance Space
Wolfgang Marx | Fighting post-truth in musicology
Samuel N. Dorf | Extreme early music and historically uninformed performance practice (online presentation)
Peter Tregear | Musicology and the work ethic
Alexandra Monchick | Music lessons in the post-truth era: Emotion, bias, and alternative facts in musical discourse

Music and the University in Iran: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives | Chair: Laudan Nooshin
Thematic Session 12 | Room AG08
Armaghan Fakhraeirad | Global ethnomusicology and the dilemma of folk music scholarship in the Iranian academy (online presentation)
Mohsen Mohammadi | Neocolonialism and self-colonialism: Ethnomusicology and music studies in Iran (online presentation)
Payam Yousefi | Reframing the Radif: The limits of repertoire and a new ‘intermusical’ paradigm for Iranian Dastgāh music pedagogy (online presentation)
Navid Vaziri | A review of music higher education curricula in Iran (online presentation)

Classical Music in Higher Education | Chair: Christopher Wiley
Thematic Session 13 | Room AG09
Responses to article by Ian Pace, ‘Roll Over Beethoven’, The Spectator, 9 October 2021.
Rosemary Golding | Julian Horton | Wolfgang Marx |

A worldly music studies? Perspectives from the UK | Chair: Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco
Thematic Session 14 | Performance Space
Amanda Bayley | Creating and recreating worldly musical practices
Laudan Nooshin | Ethnomusicology and the UK university: Reflections on the early years
David Clarke | Learning about Indian music by doing it: A praxis-based contribution to a ‘worldly’ music curriculum
Henry Stobart | From world music(s) to what? Pedagogical dilemmas and finding oneself an ethnomusicologist

Regional Studies 2 | Chair: Ana Telles
Thematic Session 15 | Room AG08
José Manuel Izquierdo | The rise of academic composers: The 1920s and the end of the National Conservatoire in Chile (online presentation)
Bjørnar Utne-Reitan | The academisation of music theory in Norway (or the lack thereof)
Johanna Selleck | Women of a new dawn: Pathways to Melbourne’s Conservatorium of Music and beyond, 1870–1907 (online presentation)
Giovanna Carugno | The changing role of conservatoires as higher education institutions in the Italian context: Historical and legal routes from the Bologna Process to the present times (online presentation)

Keynote address | Ivana Medić
Chair: Ian Pace | Room A130
The Soviet model of teaching music at universities and conservatories, and its implementation in the countries of Eastern Europe during the communist era
EveningConference Dinner

Saturday, 9 July 2022


Regional Studies 3 | Chair: Ivana Medić
Thematic Session 16 | Room AG09
Júlia Fedoszov | “Art of movement” schools in Hungary and their connection to the Liszt Academy of Music
Valentina Cucinotta | Studying musicology at the State University of Milan: Problems and opportunities (online presentation)
Alexander Hunter, Rachael Thoms & Roya Safaei | Embodied music theory/ies: Decolonising an Australian undergraduate music theory and aural skills curriculum (online presentation)

RMA | Performance Space
The Policy Pipeline: The Discipline and Music in Schools
Steven Berryman | Barbara Kelly | Mary Stakelum

New Music | Chair: Ana Telles
Thematic Session 17 | Room AG09
Ian Pace | New music in the university: Perspectives from the UK
Matthew Warren | Institutionalising composition: Theorising the influence of university life on the artistic work of composer-academics (online presentation)
Joevan de Mattos Caitano | Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt (IMD) in dialogue with Brazilian universities (1954–1976)

Curriculum | Chair: Lise K. Meling
Thematic Session 18 | Performance Space
Hussein Boon | Music income, self authorship and the digitally mediated career
Esa Lilja | The so-called ‘textbook cadence’ and other music theory fiction
Rachael Shipard | Going beyond the notes: Teaching improvisation as a means of adapting to a changing performing world
Ângelo Martingo | Towards a neurosociology of music: Bridging cognition, senses, and society in musicology and music Theory
Universities and the Music Professions | Chair: Alexander Lingas
Thematic Session 19 | Room AG08
Axel Petri-Preis | Learning audience and community engagement at conservatoires: Recommendations based on the analysis of musicians’ learning trajectories
Michael Bonner | Education does not prepare musicians for the physical demands of professional life

Keynote address | Alexander Lingas
Chair: Ângelo Martingo | Room A130
A question of authority: Byzantine chant in modern universities

Responses to Julian Horton, ‘On the musicological necessity of musical analysis’
Chair: Jonathan Dunsby | Room A130
Alexandra Monchick | Esther Cavett | Henry Stobart |Simon Zagorski-Thomas
18:00Conference Close